Nuts & Seeds Recipe

2.3g net carbs per slice

4.2g protein per slice

3g fiber per slice

No artificial preservatives OR additives



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Here’s one twist your taste buds are sure to love! This loaf includes a rich blend of flavorful proteins, with a tangy, chewy, and crisp texture of sourdough added to the mix.

Our Original Nuts & Seeds Loaf is packed with 4.2g of plant-based proteins, bringing maximum taste to your table at only 2.4g net carbs per slice.

Water, tree nuts and seed flour (almonds, sesame, walnuts, flaxseed), wheat gluten, whole spelt flour, psyllium, wheat sourdough, baking yeast, table salt, chickpea flour, acerola fruit extract, natural flavors and fragrance, wheat malt, baking enzymes, corn starch. CONTAINS: TREE NUTS, SESAME, WHEAT, AND GLUTEN.
Savor the same taste and texture you adore in sourdough bread – without the high carbs and other BS. Each slice contains 4.2g of protein and 2.3g net carbs (5.1g total carbs).


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"These Eatsane breads are amazing, all three taste great and the carb counts are so low in comparison to other “low carb” breads sold worldwide." Elaine R.


We bake our breads with mouth-watering flavors and nourishing, plant-based protein—because keto or no, you deserve to love your food.

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