Are your products suitable for diabetics?
Our products are low carb and suitable for all those implementing a low carb diet in their day-to-day lives.

Are your products suited for athletes?
Yes, our products are rich in protein and high in energy. Low carb diets containing healthy fats are gaining momentum with athletes around the world. They report it improves their performance and gives them reliable, long term energy.

What are the next products you’re working on?
As we develop and start producing new products, we’ll keep all customers who have subscribed to our mailing list informed, and we hope you’ll enjoy our new offerings. We have pizzas, ice cream, and other treats in the making.

Why do you state your net carb grams to the tenth of a gram?
Honesty and transparency are very important to us at Eatsane. You deserve to know everything about the foods you feed yourself and your loved ones, which is why we don’t round down net carb counts.

Are there sugar substitutes in your products?
As part of our company ideology, none of our products contain sugar substitutes.

Are your products vegan?
Yes, our products are all vegan and kosher pareve. In addition, they are free from artificial preservatives and artificial sweeteners.

About Our Bread:

Is Eatsane bread suitable for people with celiac disease?
No, the bread contains gluten.

Is the size of your loaves smaller than other Keto bread loaves?
Unlike many keto breads, Eatsane loaves offer the wholesome fillings and portions of regular bread. Here’s a visual to show you how our slices stack up against others:

What allergens does the bread contain?
Gluten, almonds, walnuts, wheat gluten, sesame, sunflower seeds, and oats. Our bread may also contain soy.

What are the ingredients?
Water, nuts and seed flours 33% (almond, sesame, walnut, flax), wheat gluten, whole spelt flour, nutritional fiber, baking yeast, sourdough, table salt, chickpea flour, acai fruit juice concentrate for Vitamin C, natural flavors and scents, baking enzymes, corn starch. Outer layer of seeds (flax, oats, sunflower seeds).

How should the bread be stored?
Our bread doesn’t contain any preservatives, so we recommend storing it in a cool and dry location until the expiration date printed on the bag’s clip. For best results, it can be frozen at the time of purchase and defrosted later. It’s also great from freezer to toaster! Yum!

Why does your bread contain Gluten?
It is true that our bread contains a bit of gluten. If you do have celiac disease, then this bread is not for you. But if you are avoiding gluten because you want to be healthier, we understand and support this. The reason why this bread was created is that many people cannot continue a low carb diet because they miss bread so much. That means that when they break the diet, they go back to eating very large quantities of gluten and carbs. As they say, perfect might be the enemy of the Good.
We created a bread with just a tiny, tiny amount of gluten, that makes it feel like bread, but it is so small that it should have minimal impact. It’s true, it’s not perfect. If you can do without the bread, then even better for you. But we believe taste is the balance people need to eat healthier. As an endocrinolgist, Mariela has seen huge improvements in her patients’ glucose, cholesterol, weight, and BP while eating low carb. The limit we suggest for Eatsane bread is 4 slices a day! Yum!

How long will it take for me to get my order?
Your Eatsane order should arrive within 3-7 business days of purchase; just enough time to look up a few yummy recipes! Your items will arrive fresh and ready to eat right away, so get excited to chow down. ​​?

Do you ship to all states in the USA?
We ship to every state in the USA except for Hawaii and Alaska. Feel free to contact us with any other questions you have concerning shipping by emailing

How about artificial preservatives? Do you use any in your products?
Nope! Eatsane products do not contain any artificial preservatives—or artificial sweeteners for that matter. We’re committed to creating delicious, nourishing foods that are good for your tastebuds and your body. ​​?

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