At Eatsane, our goal is to bring sanity back to your plate. So we did the impossible: breaking the “fewer carbs = less flavor” formula.

Most of us struggle to stick with keto diets. Why? Because we love and crave flavorful, wholesome foods not “zero-carb cardboard.”

At Eatsane, our priority is the one ingredient that makes your meals amazing: TASTE. We’ve created the secret recipe for nutritious, low-carb, and most importantly, unbelievably delicious food!

Still here? Great! Then let’s get into our story. Like many good ones you’ve heard, it starts with two passionate people and a chance encounter…

Dr. Mariela Glandt is a world-renowned endocrinologist and daughter of a diabetic father. For years, she helped her patients embrace low-carb eating habits to improve their day-to-day lives. Her biggest challenge? Keeping those people committed to their new diet. For many of us, meals are more than a necessity; they’re a source of pleasure, celebration, and joy! As we all know, it’s tough to stick to foods that are tasteless and unappealing.

Dr. Glandt found many dishes on her quest for better food – but all of them had at least one of three problems:

– Low carb but crummy taste

– Low carb but packed with artificial sweeteners

– Tasty but loaded with carbs

Using her skills as an endocrinologist, Mariela converted her kitchen into a small lab – and developed chocolate pralines that were low carb and delicious! Her innovative tech and process (or innovation?) allowed for maximum reduction of carbs and no alteration on taste or texture. Many of her patients fell in love with these indulgent confections, including the diabetic daughter of co-founder Ran Hirsch. Ran, with his wit and entrepreneurial spirit, couldn’t help but notice that the chocolate really worked its magic on his daughter.

This coincidental meeting (or was it…) between the two created a partnership bound by shared understanding: that something needed to change! Keto-friendly foods are essential for thousands of people across the world, and most offer pitiful portions and taste. Diets that sacrifice flavor never last – because food is also for enriching the soul, connecting with loved ones, and pure enjoyment!

(See how our flavorful breads compare to other keto-friendly brands in size and texture. It’s obvious we have the upper hand here…)

Our solution is different: we change food, not people!

Mariela and Ran gathered a team of chefs and dieticians to form Eatsane. Together, our founders discovered the secret recipe for food that’s fully delicious, but with significantly fewer carbs and NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS or additives. We don’t want to change people, so we changed food for the better. And so began the Eatsane Revolution!

Our innovative process allows us to make a wide variety of foods, from breads and pizza to chocolate confections. We’ve still got other dreams in the oven, too – like pasta, puddings, and snacks.

We hope you’ll join us and become part of the Eatsane Revolution! We welcome you to write to us, leave a suggestion, and become part of the change. 


Together, Dr. Mariela Glandt and Ran Hirsch transformed the world of keto-friendly foods – with more delectable surprises to come.

Our founders created Eatsane to find a new and delicious way to eat low carb. They started with a simple truth: food is a celebration and should remain delicious! That meant finding a solution that would slice net carbs, without sacrificing taste and texture. Together, they built a small team of doctors and culinary experts to help everyday eaters fall in love with their favorite meals all over again – without fretting over carb count or cheating on their diet.

But this story is just getting started! Stay tuned for more updates from our founders and Eatsane.


We’ve come a long way from developing chocolate pralines in Dr. Glandt’s kitchen! Here’s more info on how we develop and test our mouth-watering foods.

At Eatsane, we hold our products to the highest standards in taste, nutrition, and overall quality. That’s why we test each recipe to optimize flavor and minimize net carbs. We also avoid the use of artificial sweeteners, artificial preservatives, and other additives to keep our products honest, pure, and delicious.

Long story short, we do it right! Count on us for wholesome, nourishing, and yummy foods – tested and approved by chefs, doctors, and other wellness experts.


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